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Bilateral Integration

This unique programme was devised by Mrs Sheila Dobie OBE and is designed to develop coordination and balance, to integrate the sensory systems and to stimulate the neurological links between movement and cognition.

Bilateral Motor Integration involves the ability to co-ordinate the two body sides and develop lateralisation using simultaneous and contralateral movements of the two sides, facilitating maturation of the central nervous system to the benefit of co-ordination and sensory integration.(Dobie 2009)

Glynis Brummer and Heidi Stubenitsky have been trained by Ian McGowan of the Movement and Learning Centre, to provide the Bilateral Integration Exercise Programme. Bilateral Integration stimulates neural organisation of the brain and connections between the brain and the body. Just as the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, the left side of the brain controls the right side. Poor communication between both sides results in disintegrated functioning.

Bilateral integration exercises helps people to:

  • Regulate their movement and behavior
  • Develop automatic movement
  • Create an understanding of left and right
  • Improve spatial awareness and directionality
  • Increase sensory integration
  • Establish physical and cognitive abilities through multi-tasking

The Bilateral Integration Exercise Programme can be used with people of all ages and all abilities in classroom, sports and clinical settings.

The exercises are designed to develop good motor control and enhance coordination, thereby making movement automatic and efficient. When movement is not automatic one has to think about moving, and this can impact learning and cognitive development. Having to think about movement slows down speed of processing. This limits learning as it makes it harder to sequence, organise, store and recall information, and prevents the ability to multi-process and multi-task.

This is a unique intervention programme that is designed to develop coordination and fine motor control, integrate the sensory systems and in essence stimulate the essential links between moving and thinking, that allow us all to learn and interact with the world around us. It requires performing physical exercises for approximately 10 minutes a day at home.

References: Movement and Learning Centre and Anna Buck

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