Remedial Teaching with a Difference

The JIAS Individual Programme

Initial Consultation and Assessment

During the Initial Consultation, information will be gathered concerning your child's full developmental history and areas of difficulty.

This is then followed by an Audiogram assessment, where the left and right ears are tested and ear dominance is determined. The audiogram indicates the hearing ability and auditory perception at a variety of frequencies and decibel levels. It also helps to identify areas of weakness in language perception as well as hyper and hyposensitivity to sounds. A Laterality test is also completed during this time. The assessment takes approximately 1 hour.

Following the assessment, a verbal report of findings will be discussed and recommendations made. A written report will be sent out 2 weeks after your initial assessment.


The treatment involves listening to a series of specially recorded music CD's for 10 minutes a day, 6 days a week, for a specified time frame. The average programme lasts 9 months.

The CD's can be listened to at any time of the day, through headphones (with a definite left and right ear) on a personal stereo. CD's are specific to individuals and may not be listened to by anyone else.


After the specified listening period, a review is required to determine the changes that have taken place in the listening profile. An audiogram is required at each review. A new CD is then made, taking into account the changes indicated by the new Audiogram results. Previous CD's need to be destroyed.

Reviews take approximately 30 minutes

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