Remedial Teaching with a Difference

About Us

Smart Learning Solutions is based in Howick, Auckland, New Zealand. We have a dedicated team whose aim it is to help children with coordination, learning difficulties and behavioural problems. Our focus is on identifying the source of the problem. Learning is not all in the mind and physical factors could be hindering his/her academic progress.

In order for a child to reach his/her full potential it is important that the primary foundation skills of attention, balance and co-ordination are firmly established, as it is upon these skills that all later academic learning depends.

A good physical and sensory foundation needs to be established before higher thinking skills and learning can take place.

We assess and offer interventions for children and adolescents who have either been diagnosed with a specific learning difficulty or who are under-achieving, despite good levels of ability and intelligence. A full diagnostic assessment will enable us to evaluate and tailor make a programme to suit his/her specific needs.

inppjiasSmart Learning Solutions is the New Zealand Licentiate to The Institute of Neuro-Physiological Pyschology (INPP Ltd) and a Provider, Supervisor and Director of Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation (Sound Therapy). We also offer a Bilateral Integration Exercise Programme and Remedial Lessons.

We work closely with a variety of professionals to create a holistic approach in treating a child. For further information, click here.

Our Services Include: