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INPP Licentiates and JIAS Providers

Smart Learning Solutions is INPP New Zealand. Below is a list of licenced practitioners (Licentiates).
For a list of New Zealand, Japan and Australia JIAS (Sound Therapy) Providers, please click here.

  • Glynis Brummer - Auckland, New Zealand (Principal INPP NZ)
  • Heidi Stubenitksy - Auckland, New Zealand
  • Catherine Guyan - Auckland, New Zealand
  • Michelle Grigg - Auckland, New Zealand
  • Eileen Boland - Auckland, New Zealand
  • Piri Gal - Waiheke Island, New Zealand
  • Ros Cottier - Auckland, New Zealand
  • Ann Dooley - Auckland, New Zealand
  • Leanne Seniloli - Auckland, New Zealand
  • Lindsey Dickson - Palmerston North, New Zealand
  • Heather Verstappen - Nelson, New Zealand
  • Michelle Suzuki - Japan
  • Jana Hoffman - California, USA

Other Professionals

At Smart Learning Solutions we work with a variety of professionals to create a holisitic approach in treating a child

  • Dr Leila Masson - Peadiatrician
  • Kate Skinner - Sensational Kids - Occupational Therapist
  • Mary Ashby-Green - BreakFree Results
  • Dr Alice Cade - Chiropractor - Dynamicchiro
  • Katie Pritchard - Chiropractor
  • Roseanne Sullivan - Naturopath
  • Michelle Grigg - BodyLink - Neurological Integration Systems Practitioner
  • Rachel Cheung - Sensory Corner

Articles of Interest

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