Remedial Teaching with a Difference

Remedial Lessons

Diagnostic Assessment & Recommendations

This assessment consists of extensive tests which are carried out to assess laterality, balance, motor coordination and memory.

Spelling/Reading: Tests also include Sound Knowledge Testing, Phonemic Awareness, Spelling Age and Reading Comprehension Testing.

Maths: This varies depending on the studentís age/year level. Tests focus on the basic understanding of mathematic foundations such as place value, basic facts and the four operations.

At the end of testing, a verbal report and recommendation will be given. An educational report will be sent out 2 weeks after the assessment. The assessment takes approximately 1+ hours.

Weekly Lessons

Lessons are held on a weekly basis for 30 or 45 minutes (depending on the age of the child). A mutually convenient time slot will be allocated. Continual verbal feedback is given to parents concerning the progress of their child.

Our Services Include: