At Smart Learning Solutions, we offer weekly one-on-one tutoring in:

English (reading, writing, spelling) : Years 1 - 8 (for 2022)

and Mathematics: Years 1 - 8 (for 2022)

Our Tutors

Heidi and Catherine run weekly timetabled lessons for students.

For further information about our tutors, please visit our About Us page.

Update: LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE FOR 1 TO 1 TUTORING for Year 1-8 students.

  • Maths and English

  • Tailored to your child's learning needs

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Lessons are designed to meet the needs and learning style of the student.

Lessons are 30/45 minutes depending on the age of the child.

Continual verbal feedback given to parents about lessons and learning progress.

For details on pricing, please contact us.

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