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Reflex Integration Programme


INPP (The Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology) was established in 1975 by Dr. Peter Blythe. Peter Blythe and Sally Goddard Blythe are experts in the area of NMI (Neuro-Motor Immaturity) and who have written numerous books on the subject. INPP has pioneered research into NMI. The Reflex Integration Programme, based on the INPP Method has been developed to offer a completely drug-free and non-invasive treatment which can help children overcome specific learning difficulties.


The JIAS (Sound Therapy) Programme


Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation (also known as Johansen Sound Therapy) was developed in Denmark by Dr. Kjeld Johansen, director of the Baltic Dyslexic Research Laboratory, from the original work by Christian A. Volf.

JIAS has been developed to stimulate the nerve pathways into and within the brain. It is directed particularly to the pathways between the right ear and the left hemisphere of the brain, where information from the ears is first received and from there on down to the deeper processing areas.

Bilateral Integration Programme


This unique programme was devised by Mrs Sheila Dobie OBE and is designed to develop coordination and balance, to integrate the sensory systems and to stimulate the neurological links between movement and cognition.

Bilateral Motor Integration involves the ability to co-ordinate the two body sides and develop lateralisation using simultaneous and contralateral movements of the two sides, facilitating maturation of the central nervous system to the benefit of co-ordination and sensory integration.(Dobie 2009)


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