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Becoming a JIAS Provider

Smart Learning Solutions provides a 4 day training course in the use of the Johansen Individulaised Auditory Stimulation Programme. This is a comprehensive course which covers all areas required to become a registered JIAS Provider. There is excellent post training support for all attendees.

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Registered JIAS Providers

New Zealand Providers



Smart Learning Solutions, Auckland


National DirectorGlynis Brummer

Deputy National Director - Heidi Stubenitsky




Amanda Smith -







Australian Providers



South Australia and Northern Territory

Tony Franklin -

Maria DeIonno -

Emily Healy -

Caroline Lawrie -

Alison Watson -



Jenny Cluning -


Jayne Pivac -

Leanne Girotto


Yvette Knights -

New South Wales


Kaylene Birt -

Rose Brennan -

Western Australia


Fiona Nation -

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