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We are incredibly grateful for the work Heidi has done with our son over the last two years. We made an appointment with Heidi because our son was struggling at school. With below average to average results, he was about to repeat his school year at the school’s recommendation. We had had a few different tests done on him previously and frustratingly they all came out fine and didn’t show anything we could help him with. We knew his fine motor control and crossing the midline wasn’t that good, so we thought we would give Smart Learning Solutions a try.


He has now graduated from the INPP and Bilateral integration programmes and is literally a different child. He has blitzed his most recent testing at school with results well above his age but more importantly his is a happy, sociable, confident, learner ready to take on challenges and responsibilities in the classroom.


We are so grateful to Heidi for helping him to unleash his potential and enabling him to love learning. An added bonus of the programme is that because it has a neuro-motor focus the exercises didn’t feel anything like schoolwork. When he was struggling at school, anything that felt “schoolish” would have just been painful for us all. The exercises generally involve just a few minutes of time together doing something a little bit physically challenging. The exercises are graded with progressions, so they are always changing up a bit which helps with motivation for parents and child alike!!


With these types of things there isn’t a quick fix and the progress can be fairly insidious, so it has been lovely as he finishes his programme today to look back at where he has come from and feel grateful for special people like Heidi. Thanks again Heidi, you are a star!!!


I have nothing but the highest praise for Glynis Brummer and Smart Learning Solutions for the superb work she is doing with my son.


He found learning in a classroom environment extremely difficult and getting him to concentrate on any task especially those involving fine motor skills was quite literally an impossibility for him. He could barely even sit still, so you can imagine what a barrier this was to his being able to learn.


Initially we tried another programme but I do not think it correctly targeted the problem as I saw no evidence of any result and what’s more he disliked attending. 


Meanwhile he was also getting further behind with his schoolwork and his self-esteem was plummeting terribly. As a parent it was heartbreaking to watch.  


Then through personal recommendation I was lucky enough to find Glynis and Smart Learning Solutions which has been a totally different experience from the first programme we tried. 


Glynis is a naturally gifted teacher, who loves children and who is totally passionate about seeing them overcome their difficulties and achieve to the best of their abilities. Kids instinctively know this. He did and through her tireless encouragement combined with a programme designed specifically to target his needs (and which she makes fun), a new boy is emerging. The results have been remarkable! What has been impossible for years has changed drastically with the space of a few months.


 He is now able to concentrate on tasks and to sit calmly. He now possesses the skills he needs to learn. In fact his spelling age in the space of this last month has increased by an entire year. His general demeanor and confidence levels have changed markedly too. The results I think speak for themselves.   


I cannot thank Glynis enough for the changes she has made to my son's life and I could not recommend Smart Learning Solutions more highly.  


We have been clients of Smart Learning Solutions for many years now, using a variety of their services such as INPP, Sound Therapy and now their specialised one-on-one tutoring.

The tutoring follows and supports what they are learning at school and this has greatly improved the confidence and capabilities of my two dyslexic sons. Their results and growth have been a credit to Heidi's support.

I would happily recommend these services to parents who find their children need extra personalised support.


Thanks Heidi for all you have done for our son. Since starting tutoring at Smart Learning Solutions we have seen a huge improvement. Our son is now a confident, happy learner and his results at school have reflected this. 

You are a friendly, patient, approachable & adaptable tutor, who our son feels very comfortable with.

I have recommended you a number of times to others and I would not hesitate to do so again.


I’ve been seeing Heidi, for about 3 years now, for English and Maths tutoring. Throughout that time, I have gained a lot of new strategies and techniques to help my learning. I started out being behind and below standard but now I am up to standard and also being above in some areas. I have found Heidi to be funny, nice, kind, caring and helpful. 


My son last saw Glynis over 6 months ago and I have waited until this point before giving my testimonial.  As a mother I always knew that something wasn’t right with my son, you try to put it to the back of your mind. I was a first time mum and thought I was just being over anxious.  But over the years the thought just kept coming into my head, there was very subtle things that made my son different from others everyone kept telling me it was in my head.


When my son started school I was lucky to have a teacher that thought outside the square and also saw the subtle difference in my son. She saw how bright he was but also how he was struggling in the classroom environment.  My son would roll around the floor at mat time looking like he wasn’t paying attention, didn’t want to hold a pencil and found anything involving the pencil difficult.  After a private psychologist report to ease my mind that I wasn’t making everything up about my son we discovered that my son had very poor fine motor skills, difficulty crossing the midline but was incredibly bright.  We were told to work with this but I wasn’t going to accept there was nothing that we could do.  My son’s teacher (thinking out side of the square) suggested Glynis and what a blessing that was.


Glynis and Heidi assessed my son and he had many retained reflexes.  What I had been witnessing since he was a baby wasn’t in my head!  We worked on the INPP exercises that Glynis gave us.  Bit by bit we saw my son start to enjoy his body.  The biggest achievement was when we went rock climbing.  Before we had seen Glynis we had taken him and he cried and screamed to us that his hands hurt he didn’t have the strength to pull himself up; 3 short months after meeting Glynis he was climbing to the top of all the walls.


At school we have seen him come into his own.  He is able to show people how bright he is now.  We never needed convincing but now teachers that think more conventionally can see how amazing he is.  And yes Glynis 4-5 months after we finished the programme he went BANG educationally just like you said.  The schools taking the credit but we know our son wouldn’t be where he is today without you!


What I liked about Glynis is that she kept it realistic for us.  She hasn’t totally fixed everything for our son and she never promised that she would.  But as parents it is so lovely to see our son free in his body and making great strides to achieve to his potential.

Glynis and Heidi I cannot thank you enough!


I am writing to you about treatment I received from you 4 or 5 years ago. I had really bad physiological reactions to travel and being away from the controlled everyday environment. The physiological response to these situations was very crippling for me growing up. I couldn’t go anywhere without it causing major anxiety, continuous vomiting and psychological distress that was taxing on my body and mind.

My parents heard about your practice and after years of struggling with these issues I came to see you for remedial treatment. I cannot explain how much your treatment helped me! We had tried so many different solutions to the problem I was struggling with. I always hoped that one of them would be the one that just clicked yet they didn’t.

All it took was two sessions with you and then repeated practicing of the exercises you gave me for it to make a difference. Your treatment changed my life. I am now able to travel and explore without severe anxiety and stress responses. I have been to many countries since seeing you including travelling to Nepal by myself for a month. This would not of happened without your help. You had such a positive impact on my life and I am so thank full for that.

I hope your practice is successful and that you are continuing to change peoples lives for the better, as much as you changed mine!  


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